The Use of Ethnography for Theological Purposes (Friday, November 17: 1-4pm at the AAR)

This workshop is for theologians and ethicists currently using ethnography in their research. At least half of our time will be spent in small groups (max: 4 people) to workshop participants’ current projects with an experienced group leader (to maximize the possibility for vibrant conversation across common themes of concern, the groups’ makeup will be determined in advance of the workshop using an application process). At the end of each period of small group conversation, participants will generate questions/issues that a panel consisting of a junior and senior scholar in the field will debate in plenary discussion. In the past, our workshops have focused on the intersection of social sciences and theology; this year we’ll be asking questions about the use of ethnography for theology/ethics from a distinctly theological perspective. This particular workshop is open both to people who have attended our workshops before and those who have not.


To apply, submit a précis (500 words maximum) of your current project to and by May 15th (.doc not .pdf). Your precis should include the question with which you are struggling in your current work, and how you hope to address that question at the workshop. If you are a graduate student, please also note where you are in your program. Priority will be given in the order that applications are received. All successful applications will be notified by May 30th. Group leaders for the workshop will be chosen based on the projects represented in the applications.